What we do.

 We help you reach your specific visual media communication goals.


Logo design, Identity and Branding

We work with our clients to create and build unique, authentic, and recognizable identities that represent their vision and are applicable cross-media formats. 


Web Sites, Powerpoint Presentations, Social Media, Banner ads

First impressions are important, and today, more than ever, the first impression is via digital media.

web sites to social media and presentations, digital media communicates who you are, what you do, and what differentiates you from your competition. 

When presenting to a curated audience, VisPer works with you to develop effective and engaging powerpoint presentations that convey your message clearly, 
succinctly, and effectively.


To further your brand identity and message, we can also provide graphic treatments for social media posts that underscore your message and promote the visual identity of your brand. 



Identity, Brochures, Posters, Direct Mail, Products, Books

Centered around your brand identity we offer the ability to create a complete arsenal of print material reflecting your digital identity and communicating your message, from business letterhead and forms to brochures and direct mail pieces.

Book design is one of our specialties. We have experience in all types of book projects, cover and interior designs. We help individual authors, illustrators and artists, design, package, and self publish their books on Amazon Kindle, and other platforms.

We help you apply your product designs on sites like Red Bubble, Society 6, VistaPrint, et al.


Illustration, Photography, Infographics.
The visual content of a brand identity, web site, or print product, and its cohesive presentation across multi-media, is what ultimately binds a message or a brand together. It is the foundation of the brand and the important visual cue.

To help our clients realize the imagery that works for them, we provide art direction, research, and acquisition of original illustration, animation, or photography, or stock imagery, and image editing services
. We also create original infographics to help you convey critical information easily and clearly. 



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VisPer is located in the Greater Boston area of Massachusetts