INDIVIDUALITY is the prime casualty of consumer driven, data-centric marketing. We are being segmented and targetted as increasingly  complex extrapolations of social, political and economic groupings, rather than identified as singular individuals. 

Nowhere is this consumer-driven orientation having more impact than on brand marketing.  The current philosophy is to use data to better define...

June 27, 2016

My client, Smart Destinations, wanted to do something different. They were looking for new ideas and a fresh look to help attract attention and increase the number of click throughs on their banner ads. They were interested in animation. To do something different than the usual stock photography I suggested creating illustrated animated banner ads of someone seeing the some of the sights. It interested them.....

May 30, 2016

Anduril Designs, one of our clients, not only sells their one of a kind candlesticks made with rare woods on their web site, but also shows how they were made. Learn how wood is turned and patterns are created by woodworkers on their blog, The Woodshed.


February 22, 2016

Cashin Associates web site redesign, just posted live.  


An interesting (text-based) article points to the importance of visuals in all forms of communication and branding today. The moral of the story: Since attention spans are steadily decreasing, in order to increase exposure and traffic, use visuals.

Here's the whole article from MIT Sloan Management Review:

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