Let's take the focus off of our own waistlines for a moment and focus on the waistlines of our businesses. The ones we actually WANT to grow... Maybe your business could better itself by being more productive, getting more organized, getting rid of clutter and bad habits, and by creating a stronger presentation... consistently. Maybe it needs a new "look".

"The top button in any business is its brand.  This is of particular importance for start-up companies.  They alone are in a unique position to put first things first and get that one right from the get-go."

Many people are attracted to shiny objects: flashy cars, impressive houses, corner offices, dream romances, cathartic emotional experiences, ersatz spiritual revelations, but in today’s highly-technologized environment, an exceptional brand is based on creating an authentic perception of the reality that lies at the heart and soul of an organization.

Authenticity starts with knowing what makes a brand tick. The facts about what an organization does can easily be identified and expressed. But the reality of its essence can only come from an incisive definition of what’s going behind the scenes.

Mass marketing is going the way of the town crier. Demographics, impressions and hit rates are fast becoming anachronisms, and current technology is hard at work leading us there. How? By moving away from the centrality of the mass and toward the singularity of the individual.

"Understanding needs to come before action, and in that sense, the professional world mirrors the personal.   Meaningful rebrands are about re-discovering a sense of mission, purpose and identity far more than they are about

Traditionally, the human resources function has been primarily focused on capability-based hiring, retention and development of corporate culture.

Hiring has been predicated on identifying candidates with the exact skill set necessary to fill a particular position.  Retention has revolved around placing new hires in environments that provide an opportunity to best leverage those skill sets.  And corporate cultur...

A new video about one of our clients: David Ferry, The Candlestick Maker. A retired cardiologist, his candlesticks are all one of a kind and made with rare woods and intricate time consuming designs. They are unique pieces of art. See more on his website: www.andurildesigns.com.

Why?  Because organizations today want to know more about who a person is than what they do.  Once, the  main focus for employers, professional and social organizations was on capabilities alone.  Now, that has shifted to a more holistic concept that aligns with our hyper-connected age known as “fit.”

"For any organization that aspires to cut decisively through the brand clutter and build a standout identity, using anyone but a professional designer to create visual media is not a nice-to-have; it’s a must."

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